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Modern Barnsley South Yorkshire


The historical and cultural development of Barnsley, England is notably interesting. However, it is also worthy to note its economic status. During the early years, the place was known for a thriving linen trade prior to the arrival of the coal industry. However, coal mines were already closed in the 1950s. In effect, wire, linen and glass making were also major industries, however only glass making is active, with one company still operating these days. The major companies in the city include ASOS, the popular online retailer and also Premier Food that is the largest cake bakery in Europe. Lastly, the economic development of Barnsley is spearheaded by the Barnsley Development Agency.

Biscuit Beetle

Are you familiar with biscuit beetles? In most cases, biscuit beetles find its way to stored products including vegetables, spices, cereals, drugs and even dried flowers. The presence of these insects is common in the kitchen or in the pantry. The biscuit beetles may also ruin your flour in the kitchen. They will make it their place to stay. No wonder it is important to get rid of them. In some cases, adult beetles may also lay their eggs in your stored food. Since they are akin to furniture beetle species, biscuit beetles can chew fairly hard materials. The role of Apex Pest Control is to prevent infestation and make sure that biscuit beetles are removed as soon as possible.

Apex Pest Control Barnsley

What is the coverage of the services offered by Apex Pest Control in Barnsley, England? This is the usual question of potential customers. In most cases, you’ll learn that they cover both residential and commercial properties. In the home, it is essential to make it safe from rodents, insects and pigeons. However, the company can also do something if these unwanted pests affect the office. Basically, their wide arrays of pest control services are created to get eradicate all pests. Lastly, this is applicable to both a homeowner and entrepreneur since they have a pest control service to help you. Lastly, they also provide forestry services to maintain the number of trees in the forest and keep it safe.

‘Why Barnsley’s forgotten genius Nicholas Saunderson should be immortalised on new £50 note’

No Horizon at the Edinburgh Fringe. Nicholas was played by Samuel Reid (centre) and Abigail by Sophie Bradley Read more here
Have you heard about Nicholas Saunderson? He is a genius man who is a contemporary of Sir Isaac Newton. Nearly three hundred years ago, he is a Yorkshireman whose genius is largely forgotten. He was also considered an 18th century Stephen Hawking who overcame impossible odds to achieve greatness in science. He is a son of a taxman from Thurlstone, near Penistone. At the age of one, he was struck blind by smallpox. However, he learned Latin and Greek and worked his way to Cambridge. Saunderson was a friend of Sir Isaac Newton and they held the same mathematics professorship at Cambridge. Soon, there will be a play about his life and he will be the face of a new £50 note.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park in barnsley england

Many travellers want to visit a sculpture park these days. One of the best places to go is the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Barnsley, England. It is an open-air gallery in West Bretton near Wakefield in West Yorkshire, England. It is showing work by British and international artists such as Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. Opened in 1977, the park is home to beautiful sculptures created by different artists. The collections of the park are mostly from the works by Moore that is one of the largest open-air displays of his bronzes in Europe. Lastly, the Longside Gallery is used for educational and outreach activities and events, between exhibitions.

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18 min (7.7 miles)
via Wakefield Rd/A61
Fastest route, the usual traffic
8 Cornwall Cl
Barnsley S71 2ND, UK

Take Tennyson Rd and Burton Bank Rd to Rotherham Rd/A633
2 min (0.4 mi)

Continue on Rotherham Rd/A633. Drive from Wakefield Rd/A61, Woolley Edge Ln, Haigh Ln and Huddersfield Rd/A637 to West
14 min (6.9 mi)

Drive to your destination
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